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EcoPorts Glossary Published

24 Sep 2020

Dear EcoPorts members,

The glossary for the EcoPorts Network were just made available in PDF-format on the EcoPorts website. The document is intended to provide members and users of the EcoPorts tool with definitions and explanations for key terms that are used in the Self-Diagnosis Method (SDM), as well as in the Port Environmental Review System (PERS). The words and phrases available in the glossary are highlighted by an asterisk (*).

In addition to the glossary provided as a PDF, we are also working on introducing in-text explanation bubbles of certain key terms in order to further facilitate the use of the EcoPorts tool.

The glossary can be found under the SDM section under “My Account”, and can be accessed by clicking the blue button that reads “Download Glossary”. It is also available in the Publications section of the EcoPorts website.