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New era for Ecoports as from 1 January 2011

21 Jan 2011

New era for Ecoports as from 1 January 2011

Since 1 January 2011 the Ecoports Foundation dissolved and Ecoports is now officially integrated within the structure of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO). The integration marks the start of a new era regarding port environmental management and sustainability in Europe. The European port sector has achieved significant progress in the field of environmental management during the last 15 years and this has been largely driven through the long standing close cooperation between ESPO and Ecoports. The new way forward is warmly welcomed by all parties involved as it is expected to drive further the achieved progress and the sector’s efforts through the principle of voluntary self regulation.

Practical implications and continuation of provided services:


A.     For European ports and ports in neighbouring countries

ESPO ( is the party responsible for the management of the Ecoports network of ports and the management and dissemination of the well established Ecoports tools Self Diagnosis Methodology (SDM) and Port Environmental Review System (PERS) within Europe and in neighbouring countries. Ecoports membership fees do not exist anymore and the Ecoports tools can now be used by all ports that are part of the broad ESPO membership.
SDM and PERS are currently being updated and will be re-launched as part of the ESPO provided services in the beginning of 2011. In parallel, and as part of a broader project that aims at ensuring the quality and continuity of the Ecoports services, a new online system is being created for the management of the Ecoports network and the use of the tools. The new system will be owned by ESPO and will be officially launched during the Greenport conference in Venice 23-24 February 2011. It will be incorporating the new SDM as an online-based tool and will be providing visibility and credit to ports that achieve and maintain an “Ecoports port” status. The latter can be achieved by any port registering within the new system and completing the online SDM questionnaire, thus contributing in such way to the up-to-date maintenance of the European benchmark of performance in port environmental management. The “Ecoports port” status will be then allowing ports to access, implement and get certified by PERS, the only port sector specific environmental management standard.    
ESPO will maintain the Ecoports name and brand and will continue promoting the Ecoports guiding principle of sharing environmental experiences and best practices between port professionals in Europe. Under the new set-up ESPO will continue working in close cooperation with Cardiff University and Lloyds Register, the main partners involved in the processing and analysis of SDM and PERS respectively.

B.     For ports worldwide

Ports outside Europe and its neighbouring countries will still be able to use the Ecoports tools and the Ecoports PERS certificate through the services provided by a newly established foundation; ECO Sustainable Logistic Chain (ECOSLC). ECOSLC ( originates from the Ecoports network and will be functioning in close cooperation with ESPO to ensure data and knowledge sharing. ECOSLC will also be working closely with Cardiff University and Lloyds Register.